Home Microneedling


How they work:

In the clinic, we can provide micro needling up to 2mm depth, in conjunction with some specific skincare products to produce great improvements in the skin.  We would use a topical anaesthetic to ensure that this treatment is totally comfortable.

However, you can supplement this process at home by using a high quality, sterile micro-needling device, which is available to purchase in the clinic alongside some specialist skincare products.  Typically, the home needling devices will last for 6 months if used twice a week (around 100 uses) providing they are cleaned and stored as per the manufacturers instuctions.  At home, low depth penetration rollers (0.2mm and 0.3mm) can safely be used without the need for local anaesthetic.

Not all skincare products are suitable for micro needling, during your consultation; we will discuss your concerns and recommend products for your individual skincare needs.

Home Use:

When you move the roller on your skin – even without any skin care products – you’ll notice a mild redness. This is the visible sign that the fine micro points have penetrated the epidermis. In general this redness will disappear within one or two hours. The perforated layers of the skin (the stratum corneum) will close within minutes. If the Roller is used in combination with skin care products, this can influence the intensity and duration of the redness.

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