Skin Tag, Wart & Mole Removal

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About Skin Tag, Wart & Mole Removal

Benign Skin Lesions & Wart Removal in Stockport

Warts, moles, verrucas and other benign skin lesions are harmless conditions, but if they interfere with your everyday life or affect your appearance, you can get them removed. Our Bolton clinic uses Cryotherapy and Electrosurgery methods to remove benign skin lesions with permanent results.

Benign Skin Lesions & Wart Removal

Some skin lesions are considered cosmetic and harmless, including warts, verrucae, spider naevi, skin tags, and seborrheic keratoses. The NHS are unlikely to remove these cosmetic skin lesions, but we can with Cryotherapy or Electrosurgery.

  • Cryotherapy – This method uses a CryoPen to freeze the skin lesion with liquid nitrogen. The treatment will sting a little bit, and the lesion will blister and eventually fall off after a few days.
  • Electrosurgery – This method creates a superficial burn with an electronic radiofrequency or plasma device. The treated area will heal with hardly a mark, and local anaesthesia will be applied to make it as pain-free as possible.

If we discover any suspicious skin lesions, such as changing pigmented lesions or rodent ulcers, these will be referred to your GP.

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30 mins

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4 - 8 weeks

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1 - 2 weeks

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